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Consulting Services

Starter Marketing Plan

Starter Marketing Plan

A formal digital marketing plan for those who've never created one before. With education and real world experience, I'll help develop a central plan that outlines who your target market is and how to reach them.


  • Two 1-hour virtual calls to discuss goals and details about your business
  • A marketing plan that includes target market and content and strategy for 2 social media platforms
  • Recommendations on how to use the plan and how to iterate in the future
Instagram Graphic Templates

Instagram Graphic Templates

A stress-free way to create a cohesive Instagram feed. I'll work with you to create a set of assets and templates that you can edit for posts, stories, and however you want to use them.


  • 5 different templates based on your content needs (quotes, photos, announcements, etc.)
  • Comments on how to adjust each template for varying amounts of text and sizes
  • A guided tutorial on how to access and use the template program

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